Manuel Antonio


Area: 683 ha land, 55.000 ha sea
Rainfall: 3.900 mm/year
Open: Tuesday - Sunday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Mondays Closed
Info: Tel 416 6576, 777 0644

Manuel Antonio is one of Costa Rica´s favourite beach resorts. With its white sandy beaches and its wide range of restaurants, bars, discos, casinos and hotels of every category it is an ideal destination. In the nearby national park you can see anteaters and white faced capuchin monkeys, they love to steal things from your picnic basket – so be aware. The calm sea in the national park is so inviting you just have to take a swim. In Manuel Antonio there is always something going on, you can take a horseback ride or a boat tour and in the nearby town of Quepos you can just wander through the streets.